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What we do

Operate services to implement open science policies

We operate a participatory infrastructure to support the interoperability and connectivity of all research related data sources and produce an interlinked scholarly communication graph.

Offer Open Science services to research communities

We provide tailored versions of OpenAIRE's tools and services (deposition, aggregation, cleaning, enrichment, claiming) to research communities for their open science needs.

Support Open Access and open science policies

We are shaping and implementing effective OA and Open Science policies via our network of 33 National Open Access Desk (NOADs)  that form a pan-European Helpdesk.

Offer an open innovation platform

We open up OpenAIRE's scholarly communication graph for others to use and to build value added services, and actively promote open, innovative services from 3rd party providers to accelarate open scholarship.

Provide a European wide Research Information platform

We operate a monitoring and analysis platform for all European research. We promote transparency with reports available to all.

Act as Europe's Open Science Gateway to the world

We connect Europe and its outcomes to the global research ecosystem via common access policies, data standards, and data exchange.

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See how open science and OpenAIRE's services can be useful to you

Are you a

young researchers
You are an individual researcher and wish to find out how to comply with OA mandates for your publication and data. You want to know about IPRs and where to deposit. You want to check out existing projects, who are their partners and what outcomes they have produced.


Share and collaborate
young researchers
Your job is to assess research for your team, your institution, your country. Classification, corellations, trends are some of your routine tasks, as well as frequent reporting. Identification of relevant research (e.g., people, funding) is not an easy task and you find that you need to rely on expensive databases to carry it out.

Research manager?

Assess research and its impact
content provider
You are a data provider and wish to expose your repository's content. You want to allow text and mining but are not sure how to lawfully do this. You want to enrich the records with proper classification and include links to publications, data or funding. You run an institutional repository or CRIS system and you want to better connect to the world.

Content provider?

Make your content visible, richer
research community
You are one of the experts or leaders in your research community. You want to know the specifics of open science and how to apply them. You would like to have off-the-shelf services and tools so that you and your peers gather and share all your research outcomes in one place and assess the impact. You want to know of the links to other disciplines.

Research community?

Find all your open science tools in one place
You represent a national or private funding agency. You are interested in how you may apply OA policies and which services to use to implement themse. Once you do this, you would like to know how your OA policies or your funded research fare. You want to closely monitor research trends and impact to improve your future decisions.


Make informed decisions
You are an individual or an SME and you want to build innovative services which will advance open scholarship. You are an SME or an initiative and you want to extract knowledge from research, to develop research analytics for various domains of European research.


Build value added services

Our Helpdesk


Your local support

Our network of 33 National Open Access Desk (NOADs) are present in almost every European country and are experts who may help you in all your open access and open science needs.

See who they are and free to contact them for inquiries or training on any topic for policy, implementation and OpenAIRE services.

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Our guides

On specific topics

Check out our library of resources on various topics of open science, including OA to publications and data, Research data management practices, legal issues, etc.

Ask a question

On policies, services, ...
If you are unsure on how to proceed or still have a question about OA policies, their implementation or on any of our services (including the FP7-post grant pilot), please do not hesitate to contact us.

We operate an online ticketing system which automatically assigns your question to the right person.

We have a 48 hour response policy. If you don't hear from us in this period, please send us your query.

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So, you have a passion for open access and open science and would like to join us?
Are you a data provider? Then think of registering in OpenAIRE. Are you a research community? Use our tools and services and get on the open science wagon really fast. Are you a funder or an institution research manager? Use our monitoring and analytics services.
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