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  • Creation Date: 19-04-2020

    NEANIAS Underwater Research Community engages Open Science practices through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), targeting a wide variety of scientific and professional communities related to the marine environment. NEANIAS Underwater group provides three user-friendly, cloud-based solutions addressing bathymetry processing, seafloor mosaicking and classification ( More specifically: Bathymetry Mapping from Acoustic Data service delivers an advanced, user-friendly, cloud-based version of the popular open-source MB-System software for post-processing bathymetry through Jupyter notebooks with additional functionalities . The Seafloor Mosaicing from Optical Data service provides an operational solution for large area representation (in the order of tens of thousands of images) of the predominantly flat, seafloor, also addressing visibility limitations from the underwater medium ( The Seabed Classification from Multispectral, Multibeam Data service delivers a user-friendly cloud-based solution integrating cutting-edge machine learning frameworks for mapping several seabed classes, validated for archaeological, geo-hazards, energy, and other applications ( NEANIAS:

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  • Creation Date: 14-04-2023

    All Dutch Research, In One Place. A comprehensive and open dataset of research information covering 3m publications, 500k research data, 100 research software items, from 48 data sources, linked to 3K grants and 900 organizations. All linked together through citations and semantics. Try browsing by: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Fields of Science (FoS) Welcome to the Portal of Research Output from the Netherlands. This has been developed as part of a collaboration between UKB, SURF and OpenAIRE. This portal presents Dutch research results and research projects as a sub-section found in the OpenAIRE Graph. This Research Graph is actively fed by Dutch institutional repositories, data and software repositories, and Research Information Systems (CRIS's) that comply with the OpenAIRE metadata guidelines. In addition, this portal also includes research output and research projects from other sources that have an affiliation with one or more Dutch research performing organisations and research funders found in the OpenAIRE Graph. In Dutch: Welkom bij het Portaal van het Nederlandse Onderzoeks Resultaten. Dit is ontwikkeld als onderdeel van een samenwerking tussen UKB, SURF and OpenAIRE. Dit portaal presenteert Nederlandse onderzoeksresultaten en onderzoeksprojecten als een sub-sectie die zijn gevonden in de OpenAIRE Graph. Deze Research Graph wordt actief gevoed door Nederlandse institutionele repositories, data- en software-repositories, en onderzoeksinformatiesystemen (CRISen) die voldoen aan de OpenAIRE metadata richtlijnen. Daarnaast bevat dit portaal ook onderzoeksresultaten en onderzoeksprojecten uit andere bronnen die een affiliatie hebben met een of meer Nederlandse onderzoeksuitvoeringsorganisaties en onderzoeksfinanciers gevonden in de OpenAIRE Graph. Share your research. Link your work. Connect all your research. If you can’t find your research results in OpenAIRE, don’t worry! Use our Link Out service , that reaches out to many external sources via APIs, to connect your research results and claim them to your project. Learn More Deposit your research. Whether it’s publications, data or software, select an OpenAIRE compatible repository and share using community standards. Alternatively use Zenodo, a catch-all repository hosted by CERN. All results will be indexed, discoverable and accessible via this portal. Learn More

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  • Creation Date: 01-03-2018

    The neuroinformatics dashboard gathers research outputs from the 'neuroinformatics' community at large including the fields of: neuroscience, neuroinformatics, brain imaging databases and standards, brain imaging techniques, neuroimaging methods including statistics and machine learning. The dashboard covers a wide range of imaging methods including (but not limited to): MRI, TEP, EEG, MEG, and studies involving human participants as well as animal studies.

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  • Creation Date: 13-07-2022

    North American Studies was born in the context of collaboration between CISAN, the Center for Research on North America and the multi and interdisciplinary research Unit of Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico UNAM, and OpenAIRE. The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the integration and automated intercommunication between digital platforms in North America and Europe and become a leading platform for North America Studies which will facilitate communication among the community. In this community scholars, teachers, students, policy stakeholders, journalists and anyone interested in the validated information of the region will be very welcome and able to find easy and directly research outputs on North American Studies, enriching and updating their knowledge from very diverse perspectives and origins in a single portal. The platform is managed by MiCISAN, the institutional repository of CISAN, whose purpose is collecting research on North American research findings. With OpenAIRE collaboration, it will be possible the integration, organization, protection and dissemination of the CISAN’s scientific products, and similar scientific sources and resources by following the OpenAIRE guidelines and FAIR Principles, in the frame of Open Science.

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    Creation Date: 07-10-2022

    RID for OpenAIRE

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    Creation Date: 14-11-2019

    Research infrastructure for research and innovation policy studies

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    Research Data Alliance
    Creation Date: 01-03-2018

    The Research Data Alliance (RDA) provides a neutral space where its members can come together to develop and adopt infrastructure that promotes data-sharing and data-driven research.

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    Science and Innovation Policy Studies
    Creation Date: 30-01-2020

    The scope of this community is to provide access to research products that are relevant for studies in science and innovation policy

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    Creation Date: 27-08-2020

    Open Research infrastructure for ethic-sensitive scientific discoveries and advanced applications of social data mining

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  • Creation Date: 01-03-2018

    The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) has been operating since 2012 under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General. SDSN mobilizes global scientific and technological expertise to promote practical solutions for sustainable development, including the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. The Greek hub of SDSN has been included in the SDSN network in 2017 and is co-hosted by ICRE8: International Center for Research on the Environment and the Economy and the Political Economy of Sustainable Development Lab.

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45 communities